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Cultură, artă, sport, recreere



“Plai Transilvan” Association is a Romanian non-governmental and non-profit organization, established in June 2013 in Oradea, the western gate of Romania. The words “Plai Transilvan” have a concrete signification for our activity. They mean the land of Transylvania, the place where we are acting for improvements in our society, working on 4 basic pillars - social, educational, cultural and environmental. Transylvania also represents somehow the heart of Romania. The most developed part of our country, it is a large historic province that represents the engine of the Romanian society on all its aspects, a great place where ethnic and cultural minorities have lived together for centuries, most often in respect and peace. Our team includes 10 members (from which 3 are founding members) and 14 volunteers: teachers, entrepreneurs, as well as students.
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